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What is CrowdSupported

CrowdSupported is a platform that allows you to start your very own crowdfunding website specific to your business needs. It is a fully customizable system with built in administration and reporting tools.

1 Platform - Tons of Features

Cloud Based Crowdfunding

One click setup, automatic updates & cloud based scalability all at the power of your fingertips.

Simple Project Creation

Allows your users to easily create and update their projects through a simplistic yet powerful account management system.

Responsive Design

Completely responsive design that works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Customize the look and feel of your crowdfunding website through CSS or even build your own HTML.

Use your own Domain

Setup your own domain name to brand your crowdfunding website to your business.

Manage your System

Manage every aspect of your crowdfunding website through our powerful yet intuitive administration system.


CrowdSupported is a simple monthly subscription service that allows you to scale up or down to meet the needs of your busines.


Hosted in our secure cloud based data center, your content is served over a secure https connection directly to your customers.

How much is CrowdSupported?

We have affordable monthly plans (plus transactional fees).

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CrowdSupported is currently open to early adopters and developers.